LGBTQIA+ Support Group

The LGBTQIA+ Peer Support group is for individuals seeking a space where they can find understanding, acceptance, and solidarity regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. We welcome anyone who is looking for a place to share their experiences, seek guidance, or simply connect with others who may have similar experiences or be facing similar challenges. Whether you're questioning, exploring, or confidently embracing your identity, our support group offers a safe space.

Members of the team are there if you have any questions about wellbeing and can signpost you to relevant services. We operate on a come and go as you like policy, so please don’t feel like you can’t come if you cannot stay for the whole time!

Join us each week, where we alternate between Mondays 12pm-2pm and Wednesdays 11am-1pm on the Chichester campus. Email if you have any questions.


End of Semester 2 Dates:

17th April 11am-1pm - AB2.04

22nd April 12pm-2pm - AB2.07

1st May 11am-1pm - AB2.05

15th May 11am-1pm AB2.05

20th May 12pm-2pm AB2.07

29th May 11am-1pm AB2.05

3rd June 12pm-2pm AB2.07