Trauma Stabilisation

Trauma stabilisation skills training

Trauma stabilisation skills training

Survivor Support Group

For self-identifying women

Have you had an unwanted sexual experience? Are you a student at the University of Chichester? Lifecentre, in collaboration with Student Support are offering this survivor support group at the University.

Lifecentre Support Group will:

  • Help you realise that you are not alone, in the safety of a group within a confidential environment
  • Provide psychoeducation to support you with the impact and aftermath of sexual assault / abuse
  • Help you find coping strategies
  • Provide an understanding of how trauma may be affecting brain and body
  • Explore how the impact of assault / abuse may be affecting different areas of your life

*please note this is not a therapy group

Lifecentre is a charity that supports people who have had an unwanted sexual experience.

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